Photography Staging Project

One of my dear friends is a very talented photographer in the Huntsville area. She specializes in newborn and family photography and has captured some special shots of my little family over the years.

My little 3 month old Olivia

My better half and I during our 2017 family session

My favorite picture of sweet Olivia to date


See, she is the best, right?!

So when Chelsie approached me with the idea of helping her design and stage her photography booth at a local baby expo called Babypalooza, I literally jumped at the opportunity. Disclaimer – I was scared out of my mind – but I took the project on with the idea that I would gain some great life experience even if the project didn’t work out so great. I give my all to every task I take on, so I knew I would do whatever I could to make her booth the best it could be.

Since Chelsie is a photographer and has a great supply of props and products, that made staging the booth super easy.


We identified in our planning meetings that she needed a unique and eye-catching way to showcase her logo – so the idea of the wooden sign was born. Chelsie’s husband (the unsung hero on this project) made the amazing white shiplap walls that we used at the back of the booth to display Chelsie’s work as well as her *adorable* newborn headbands.

Chelsie also offers darling little outfits to be photographed in – so we knew we had to highlight them. I wanted to showcase them in a way that also tied back to Chelsie’s photography style. We put a few ideas down on paper in our planning sessions and one day a couple weeks before the show Chelsie messaged me a picture of the perfect piece she had found. A couple coats of paint and some new knobs later, we had an incredible display piece for the sweetest little baby outfits.

Check out that beautiful flower crown on top of the blue airmore – Chelsie even takes care of her maternity customers by offering gowns and a sweet flower crown for the mommy-to-be.

This was such a fun project that we decided to do it again last fall and we are gearing up for a bigger booth this year.

….Stay tuned!